Create a map and a sealed letter for the surprise date

Unique date ideas - create a map for the surprise date

I believe that sometimes we all make surprises for our partners. And I have a tip how to make a surprise date idea more interesting and exciting. It involves creating a map and mysterious guidelines on how to find the location of the date. – Instead of telling where your partner needs to be or meet you and what you are going to do on the date, you could draw a map and write a letter with guidelines and leave it, give it or send it to your partner. For instance, I really like sealed letters – I think it makes the letter more romantic and it is easy to make such at home.

Another option is to leave several letters / signs with guidelines describing where your partner needs to arrive. Each of these should point to the next destination where further guidelines need to be located.

Then once your partner arrives at the target destination you could disclose what you both are going to do on your date.

Why not to make the dating more fun with this tip from the unique date ideas?


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